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Patriotic Porter

sm20090703 001sm20090703 003Well, I am not sure what is so patriotic about it, but I did brew a porter this July 4th weekend. It is a batch where half is going to my dad (he loves porters), and we are planning on visiting for a week in August, so getting this beer into bottles should be possible before that. The brew day was relatively uneventful, aside from getting a lower (!!) than expected extract efficiency, but the grain crush and the sparge rate both probably contributed to that. I sparged in just over 30 minutes (pretty fast for me), and when I was mashing in I noticed that many of the kernels were cracked, however not as much as usual – Time to spend some time with the mill and make sure everything is clean and adjusted properly.

20090703I captured the session with BrewzNET… and realized how slack I’ve been on coding and upgrading it. For the past 3 or 4 months I’ve been talking about getting the plotting / charting classes operational, and that still hasn’t happened (aside from some initial class prototypes). Truth is that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in VBA code at work (SAP, Lotus Notes, Access and Excel), and the last thing I want to do when I get home is more programming. Hopefully I will get past that sometime soon… BrewzNET really needs some attention. I also need to build the return manifold for the mash tun – Once that is in place, I can start using the control box to turn the second pump on and off, and keep all my kettles on the same level.

Next weekend my friend Brian and I will be brewing a 20 gallon batch of pale ale – It’s been a number of months since we’ve done a 20 gallon batch, and I’m really looking forward to it. Busting out the big boy kettles and a batch so large you can’t lift them is always exciting to me… and the resulting 20 gallons of beer always feels very well worth it. This batch of IPA will be all Summit and Bravo hops, with a healthy dose of Vienna malt thrown in for light sweetness, so it will be a bit of an experiment for both of us. Funny – I remember fretting over doing a 10 gallon batch of “Experimental” beer. Now I’ll throw an unproven recipe in the 20 gallon kettles without batting an eye. I guess you just get used to your equipment and comfortable in your own skills (and those of your friends that brew with you) and it ceases to be an issue.

sm20090617 001Currently on tap are the Coriander Pale Ale and the Raspberry Wheat. The raspberry wheat is quite a sight to behold – Deep pink, almost red – And the berries are definitely full-on in the aroma and flavor. Its a very nice summery beer, and they go down almost too easily. The coriander pale is also very good – The simcoe gives you a bit of a smack when you first sip it, but once your taste buds adjust to the hop onslaught, they also go down a little too quickly as well. I need to get back into designing tap labels – for the past few months my tap labels have all been ghetto-fabulous back-of-the-business-card-with-a-sharpie. Pretty slack…

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