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New BrewzNET Source Uploaded

XbeeBoardI am always hesitant to throw works-in-progress (WIPs) out where the general public can feed off it like ravenous pirhanas. When I used to haunt a development forum regularly, I grew jaded to how others view incomplete applications, and how quickly things can be posted to places like “planet source code” with someone else’s name on them after they do a quick replace of variable and subroutine names (mostly by script kiddies that don’t have an ounce of coding skill in their entire bodies, but it’s still like getting ripped off)… I’ve never quite shrugged off that baggage. In addition, if I am not happy with its current state, what makes me think that others will be happy with it?

Truth is that I’ve grown nervous that the thumbdrive my source code sits on could meet some traumatic end, my home PC could crash, and my work laptop could die (its on its last leg as it is, I think) and I’d be completely hosed, losing months of updates. I really uploaded it more as a backup measure than for others to dissect, however it is there if you are so inclined… (you pirhana you).

  • BrewzNET VB2008 source can be found HERE
  • Pump Control Box PICAXE Basic source can be found HERE
  • XBee auxiliary board circuit (how the control box sends stuff wirelessly) DIPTRACE file is HERE

You can also find them by digging around on the “Skydrive Files” links over on the right hand side.

Once I’ve got this application in a truly presentable state that is usable and doesn’t make me cringe, I’ll document the crap out of it and package everything up in a nice how-to and post it… but don’t hold your breath that it’ll happen in the next year or so.

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