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sm20090807 002sm20090807 009The beautiful thing about 20 gallon batches is with so much beer, it’s almost begging for you to get a little weird with at least some of it. Since 10 gallons of this batch is destined for a specific purpose, that left me with another 10 gallons to spike with 2oz oak chips and 5oz bourbon oak cubes.

The 2oz of french oak chips I lightly steamed on the stove for 10 minutes. Hopefully this does two things for me – opens up the cellular structure a little to make it easier for the beer to be absorbed and released, and kills of any microorganisms that might be living hiding within. The other 5 gallons got a dose of 5 oz of cubes that have been soaking in Jim Beam for 2 years, as well as 1/2 cup of the bourbon liquid it was sitting in. I shouldn’t have to worry about spoilage bacteria from those, unless its some freaky bourbon-loving bug that can survive for years… Once bottled, both my boys in Atlanta and I will wind up with a case of each beer.

The other 10 gallons will likely be transferred to secondaries sometime mid-week and ultimately kegged for Choking Sun’s art show coming up in November down in Atlanta. Drew is planning on a return trip in September to brew 20 gallons of something light-colored and hoppy, since that will appeal to those that aren’t into dark beers (freaks).

Been slowly making progress on my backlog of to-dos for BrewzNET. I only code for around 30 minuntes in the morning and 30 minutes during my lunch break, so the going is slow. More on that some other time. I’ve also started posting videos of the BrewzNET development on YouTube (cringe), but a colleague in Australia has started playing around with the BrewzNET screen designer and (not suprisingly) has found some of the functionality challenging to just figure out on his own. At this point I’ve got 3 videos – 2 on how to create pipes and 1 demonstrating some of my Widget classes – but over time that will grow into a video instruction library of doing stuff within the screen designer.

Yikes. The offspring are awake. Time to go be dad extraordinaire instead of a geeky homebrewer…

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