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First brew of 2010

It took me a few weeks, but I did finally jump into 2010’s homebrewing schedule with both feet. For my first beer out of the 2010 gate, I chose to go with a Maibock, a style I haven’t brewed since 2006. Due to my somewhat limited chilling capacity (5 gallons at a time) and virtually no lagering capability, I generally steer clear of cold-fermented beers… but I promised myself I’d start doing more of them, and there is no time like the present.

The brew day went pretty well. Brewing a 5 gallon batch in my 14 gallon kettle is not impossible, but it is logistically difficult. I told my wife that if I start brewing more lagers, we either need to get a false bottom for my 10 gallon Polarware kettle, or invest in a chest freezer for lagering 10+ gallons at a time. She actually didn’t dismiss the idea outright this time, so maybe there is hope… Anyhow, I sparged 8 gallons of wort for the 90 minute boil, and as it turns out that was not quite enough – I boiled off more than I intended in those 90 minutes, and I ended having to tip the kettle to hit 5 gallons. The final gravity also came in a little high – around 1.076, which is a little on the high side and outside style guidelines for a maibock – hopefully my yeast are up to the challenge. So far they seem to be chugging away, and between the Servomyces and a healthy dose of pure O2 before pitching the yeast, they should be. My ghetto fermentation chiller is working as well as it always has, keeping the carboy between 53 and 55 degrees.

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