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Well, I’ve been mostly housebound this weekend due to the massive snowstorm that blew in Friday night, but I’ve put that time to good use building the skeleton for something that’s been missing from BrewzNET – the ability to plot / trend data. This screenshot shows the basics of what I’ve done so far – a basic scatterplot functionality with a few unique features I’m still trying to work out. The data right now is random and not integrated with the SQL Server historian classes, but I hope to get to that over the next couple of weeks.

The chart’s X axis is fixed as date and time, since I did not forsee ever needing it to do something else. The Y axis supports multiple units, all of which are plotted simultaneously. Unfortunately that has left me in a bit of a quandry with how to handle the Y axis major / minor tick marks, but I hope to get that figured out soon (that’s why you don’t see any).

The framework also accomodates a second Y2 axis on the right side, but I haven’t really put much work into making that happen – You could potentially plot one temperature scale (deg C) on Y and another on Y2 (also deg C) if there were dramatically different values, and you didn’t want the mix of high & low values to kill the trend resolution.

I’ve also built in a quick “reference point” functionality that lets you click and drag around the trend chart and get the time / values that would correspond to that reference point. You can also drag the series legend around to reposition it out of the way, or hide it entirely.

As I said, this is only the first step. Much work remains before it displays the historian data and refreshes in real-time, and I still have alot of cosmetic and options work to do on the chart itself – but at least I have something I can look at and work from.

Progress is good.

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