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I’m pretty sure the picture speaks for itself – 45 gallons ready-to-serve in 9 kegs (there’s one additional lagering in the fridge), plus 25 gallons waiting / aging in secondaries. That’s ALOT of beer!

The line-up looks something like this:


  • 10 gallons American Stout
  • 10 gallons American Pale
  • 5 gallons Citra Pale
  • 5 gallons Pumpkin Brown
  • 5 gallons Mango Witbier
  • 5 gallons Abbey 1.5
  • 5 gallons Munich Dunkel

Secondaries / Tertiaries:

  • 10 gallons Blackberry Pale
  • 10 gallons West Coast Red (hop bomb)
  • 5 gallons Saison

Fortunately I’ve got a good reason – 20 gallons of it will be gone before December. We’re donating 10 gallons to be served at our children’s school auction next weekend, and 10 more gallons are coming with us to the lake in NC for Thanksgiving.

I think my next batch will be another lager – perhaps a bock… followed by a Doppelbock? I haven’t really figured it out. My friend Brian and I still need to brew a barleywine, but given how busy both of us have been, I’m not sure when that’ll happen – maybe December, maybe after the first of the year…. we’ll have to see.

No additional progress on my wireless grant yet – I realized just recently I need a USB mini-B in order to connect to the Netduino (when I went to connect to it the USB cable didn’t fit!), so I gotta hunt one down. I think they are the cable that alot of cell phones and other smaller devices use these days, so it shouldn’t be too hard – maybe at Best Buy?

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