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Pimp my brew kettle

… and hot liquor tank, and mash tun, and transfer pumps… yeah, basically, let’s pimp out the whole brewing system with a couple handfuls of sweet all-stainless quick disconnect fittings. Now that sounds like a birthday present worth getting – and I did (even though it’s couple months early)!

I’ve been longing for a better connectivity solution on my brew gear than hose barbs and hose clamps for quite a while. I’ve lived with it for this long mostly because the only other option I liked was the tri-clover fittings that professional breweries use, but those things were incredibly expensive and I had to be honest with myself – why use tri-clover fittings that attached with threaded fittings to the vessels? Yeah, you will be sanitary at the connection points, but those threaded fittings could still harbor all kinds of bacteria and what not. About the only way clover fittings made sense was if I were to replace all my brew gear and had 100% sanitary welded clover fittings, and while I’d be envied by all of my brewing buddies – come on. I just couldn’t justify it. Fortunately MoreBeer finally dropped the price on their stainless quick disconnect fittings, so I jumped at the chance.

I picked up 9 of the female connectors with barbs for the hoses, 11 of the male threaded parts to go on the kettles and pumps, and a bunch of replacement gaskets just in case I needed some. That should be everything I need to completely convert over all my brew gear – from my 3 quart grant all the way up to the 28 gallon monsters. No more wrestling 1/2″ hoses on and off the barb fittings, fighting with a screwdriver and hose clamp to seal it up, and all that jazz. From now on I’ll be plug-and-play all-the-way, baby. My 10 and 20 gallon systems are enjoyable to use as it is, and this will make it even more so. I can’t wait to take them out for a test drive.

Thank you wifey and children! You’re the best!

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