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Return of the Random Reboot


I had this sneaking suspicion, and it proved correct… my random reboot problem is still there, lurking under the surface. It seems to appear only when one (not both) of the end-device Xbees is turned on. If both are off or both are on, the reboot doesn’t seem to occur… although that could be an incorrect assumption as well. At this point I am not betting on anything being true.

I have a list of 7 or 8 things I am going to try in my efforts track this down… My gut is telling me it must be cross-thread collisions of some sort, most likely occurring as the result of serial port activity… or it is a buffer overrun occurring within the ReceiveData method… but that covers A LOT of ground.

I foresee weeks of Debug.Print statements in my future 😦

On a positive note, I have one of the end device Xbees powered off a 850 mAh LiPo rechargeable battery and a Sparkfun recharging circuit, and the combination of those two plus the Sparkfun Regulated Xbee Explorer board seems to work just fine. I ran a test for over 4 hours on Sunday afternoon and the battery never gave out during that time, so it’ll be more than adequate for the typical brew session.


In addition I contacted MoreBeer customer support and found they sell a float switch mount for their Ultimate Sparge Arm, even though it is not listed on their site or their catalog (SCUP405). The disclaimer was it works with the float switches THEY sell, and I found out why when it arrived – it is threaded so the switch screws in. My stainless float switch was threaded differently, so after a few minutes with the Dremel I had the threads removed and the hole enlarged enough to accommodate it. BEHOLD!


After looking at how much adjustment was possible with this long switch and the bracket, I chose to order a different stainless float switch that should provide significantly more adjustment room.

I can’t wait until this thing is wireless. Very cool…

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