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OSHPark Rocks!

2014-02-28_14-49-35_241My first two board designs arrived from OSHPark in triplicate today in the mail! They are very well made and look exactly like the renders on the website – I couldn’t be happier with the results. It took me almost no time to solder up the LCD interface and replace a large portion of my breadboard circuit with the LCD backpack, shown below. I didn’t bother with IC sockets or headers for the switches, I just soldered everything straight to the board. I’ve got 2 more in case I need them, and MCP23017 and 24LC chips are cheap enough that I don’t re-use them. Yes, my jumper cable is rainbow-licious. I know.

LCD InterfaceLCD Backpack

For giggles you might consider comparing the pics above with the one I posted a few weeks ago in “Tedium and Minutiae” – it is a good reference for how much smaller the designs get when you translate from breadboard to printed circuit boards.

The end-device boards work well too, although I have not finalized placement in the project boxes, nor determined exactly how I plan on attaching them to the sparge arm and grant… but for now, I’ve got USB-rechargeable wireless end-devices that should be a snap to integrate into my brewing gear. I am also trying to decide if I want to use a LED to show on/off status, and where exactly I will place it.

End Device Proto

In addition to those changes I also removed the XBee shield I was using on the Netduino and wired it to an external regulated board to validate wiring for what will likely be the third and final board I order from OSHPark – The main board. It will contain the logic chips and signal voltage converters to drive the SSRs (Solid-State Relays that turn the pumps on and off), as well as a simplified XBee interface to do away with the need for the Xbee shield. I am not convinced the shield isn’t contributing to my phantom reboot error from posts past, but regardless my custom shield eliminates the need to use the XBee shield entirely. While I am still revising small details, the draft Eagle board layout is shown below.

Main Board

Open items I am thinking through before finalizing the design and ordering is whether to peg the other two XOR logic gates on the 4070 IC to ground or just leave them floating, and whether or not to add a set of solder pads inside the header rows that can also be used. I am leaning towards “YES” and “NO” respectively, but I will likely have made a final decision by the end of the weekend. I also need to spec out and procure a large project enclosure for the Netduino & mainboard shield, SSRs, switches & LCD, cooling fan, power supply, and other assorted power wiring. While I could potentially repurpose the current enclosure, I think I want to start fresh… and the whole “see the guts of the machine” appeal isn’t really doing it for me anymore. I think a nice mysterious “magic box of coolness” is more my style these days.

Has it really been 6 years since I created the first control box? Geesh – Time flies.

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