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Wireless Grant Build

Wireless GrantMuch of the build for the wireless grant was posted in the previous two posts. I will try not to repeat things that have already been covered and focus on those things that are unique to the grant.  The grant is actually based on the MoreBeer hopback with the addition of another 1/2″ stainless half coupler located 180° from the lower outlet coupler. 2 Madison 8700 horizontal float switches occupy the two half couplers on the same side, spanned by a custom-fabbed 1/8″ stainless steel support for the electronics housing. These float switches have a pivot point well clear of the threaded half coupler and allow the floats to move freely, which is an important criteria when selecting / sourcing them. As I found out, the stainless switches I bought a few months back can’t be used for this reason.

Wireless Grant ExternalsWireless Grant InternalsThe outside of the electronics housing is identical to the wireless sparge arm with an on/off switch, two LEDs, and a port to recharge the LiPo power supply, although they are located on the bottom of the enclosure to limit the potential of unwanted liquid getting inside. Internally the layout and quantity of components is identical to the wireless sparge arm with the exception of an addititional header for another switch.

From a cost perspective the wireless grant is in the same neighborhood as the wireless sparge arm. One issue to navigate is getting an extra coupler welded into the grant, a service that MoreBeer no longer offers. That said, here is a reasonable estimate:

Quantity Description Unit Cost Total
1 MoreBeer Hop Back With 1/2″ Threads $100 $100
1 1/2″ Stainless Steel Half Coupler $3.50 $3.50
1 Welding service to put in 1/2″ coupler ~$35-50 ~$35-50
2 Madison M8700 horizontal float switches $12 $24
1 12″ long 1/8″ SS bar stock (for support) $6 $6
1 2″x2″x4″ Project Enclosure $5 $5
1 Custom XBee interface board (Mfg @ OSHPark) $16.20/3 $5.40
1 SparkFun LiPo Charger $15 $15
1 SparkFun 850mAh LiPo Battery $8 $8
1 SparkFun Xbee Explorer Regulated board $10 $10
1 Digi Xbee 2.4GHz Wireless Modem $26 $26
1 On/Off Switch $0.50 $0.50
1 JST Connection wire $1 $1
8 Circuit board standoffs & screws $3 $3
* 3/8″ stainless steel bolt, washers, and nut ~$2 ~$2
* LEDs, connectors, wire, etc.. ~$5 ~$5
TOTAL: ~$250-$265

The final build post will be about the pump control box, or at least the interim / retrofitted one I am using for now.

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