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French Ale

This weekend I brewed a 10 gallon batch of French Ale, which allowed me the opportunity to put the wireless pump control hardware and a pair of brand-new Chugger stainless pumps through their paces. Below is a video compilation of the segments I shot during that brew session. It is available in HD / full screen if you click the “YouTube” button and watch it directly from their site, otherwise you are stuck with the very tiny embedded display here.

NOTE: I had to re-generate the video and replace the original hyperlink due to some problems with missing captions.

The batch itself seemed to hit most of its targets (as best as I can tell) and is currently fermenting strongly. I say “most” because the original gravity measured 1.060, higher than I wanted. When I reviewed the BeerSmith recipe I found I had formulated it for a 11.2 gallon batch even though I ended up with 10 gallons. This 1.2 gallon difference is an artifact from back when I used ProMash and the program couldn’t account for the deadspace below the kettle valve. When I first started using ProMash I was constantly getting low gravities, so to compensate I measured the volume and built that in to all of my batches as a “fudge factor”. BeerSmith allows you to set up equipment profiles and includes deadspace in its calculations, so I need to stop adding the “extra” from now on if I really want to hit my gravity targets.
Hops!I have said this before, but I LOVE using a false bottom. This batch used only 2 oz of whole hops, German Hallertauer, and they were added as the bittering addition at 75 minutes. The flavor (2oz) and aroma (4oz) additions were French Strisselspalt pellets – I scoured the internet a few months back and could not find any whole Strisselspalt anywhere. Despite the majority of the hops being pellets, the false bottom and small amount of whole leaf hops did a fantastic job of filtering out the pellet debris and the wort that went into the fermenter was very clean.
On a completely unrelated note, Donna and I brought all my empty yeast vials out and counted them – I had 182. This is an accumulation over the past 10 years of most of the liquid yeast I’ve used and certainly does not represent the total number of batches / gallons I’ve made. Between yeast starters, dry yeast, Wyeast smack packs, and repitching those numbers are sigificantly higher. At any rate, we sat down and figured out what we want to get from the White Labs Customer Club program and packaged them up to send in. It’s nice to have them gone and out of the way!

Yeast Vials

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