Bluetooth success

wpid-screenshot_2014-07-20-11-36-40.pngAfter much fiddling (and more than a little cursing) I managed to figure out my Bluetooth issues. Part of the issue was my lack of understanding about how the SPP COM ports worked, and part of it has to do with some hardware weirdness I am still trying to work through. I still have issues that appear to stem from programs not properly disconnecting, which results in the Bluetooth connection “hanging”, and I have to power cycle the Bluetooth module before it will allow a new connection. I think also think that either the USB Bluetooth dongle I have plugged into the PC is crappy, or the drivers are.

Out of curiosity I figured I would check to see if my phone would connect to the  Arduino via Bluetooth. To my delight I was able to download a terminal program (SENA BTerm) and got it to connect. The terminal route is admittedly about as low-tech as it gets, but if you were sitting on your couch and wanted to see what temperature your fermenter are at, it could be handy. I may even attempt my first Android app… maybe. The screenshot to the left shows an example.

I am currently in the process of completely rewriting the Arduino code to allow the sensors to have different rates and to store their data in separate data files. That effort has demonstrated that I have forgotten more about programming in C than I care to admit – particularly when it comes to arrays and pointers. Working with the Netduino in a higher level language (.NET) on a platform with plenty of space has made me acutely aware of how limited the memory is on the Arduino Pro Mini, and how hard memory management used to be… but it is coming back to me slowly.

I also finally got around to kegging the 15 gallons of Pale Ale I brewed a few weeks back with a friend. I think I am all set to ride out the summer and start brewing again in the fall… and by then I will hopefully have my fermenter temperature monitoring project done!


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