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Windows Application and LCD Bezel

I buckled down and hammered out a first generation Windows application to communicate with the Temperature Monitoring device. It’s not the prettiest, but at this point I was more interested in getting functionality working than pimping out the user interface. It connects to the device, retrieves the current device time and sensor / file settings, and allows me to change the settings as required. Basically the screenshot below shows the sum total of it (except the other menu items).

FermTemp Winapp

I coded it so you can either append or replace the data file locally, and you can also set it to remove the data file from the device once it is downloaded. I imagine someone would typically either append and delete OR replace and not delete – but other combinations are possible. Once the files are downloaded to the interface-configurable directory, you can either open them as a text file, or use your spreadsheet program of choice (like MS Excel) to plot out the data.

downloaded fileschart example


I also took some time to cut out the enclosure box face plate and fit it with the LCD and bezel, as well as the switch that turns the LCD backlight on and off, and a LED holder for the power indicator.

LCD Bezel

At this point I am pretty much just waiting for my main board PCBs to come in from OshPark. I am expecting them to arrive sometime in the next week, and will post again once I’ve got everything put together.

I have consolidated all of my code and designs into a single directory on my SkyDrive. If you are interested in any of this you are welcome to it.

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