How-To Videos

These videos show how to use the BrewzNET software components and framework. The videos were recorded using the free CamStudio and ActivePresenter software and I tried to strike a balance between file size and quality. These videos are available from the BrewzNET Videos account on YouTube. For now the videos will focus on the display portion of the BrewzNET classes. I am still working on historian and man-machine interface (MMI) code, so it is likely too early to cover those.

I will continue to add to them as I have time and opportunity to do so. There are several place holders above that demonstrate topics I intend on covering in the near future – if you think of additional topics, please let me know in the comments section.

General Items

Component Videos

Incorporating screens in .NET

  • Screen XML and RESX files (coming soon)
  • Referencing the BrewzNETRenderers library (coming soon)
  • Adding in a ComponentsDisplay control (coming soon)
  • Loading a saved screen file for display (coming soon)
  • Interacting with the screen components (coming soon)

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